Train The Way You Love It.

Whether you go for 1-on-1 personal training, train in a group of up to 4 people or purchase a package, no lesson is the same and always more challenging than the last.

Personal Training

  • Personal attention from a certified trainer for ultimate motivation and the right approach to getting the most out of yourself.
  • Individual training/customized workout schedule.
  • Access to the Lureon Personal Training community in which individual customized workouts or workouts together with others are posted, you can follow and motivate each other.
  • 24 hours WhatsApp contact for all workout related questions, rest, and balance in life.
Number of Persons Gym class time: 60 minutes

1 credit

Per 4 weeks

8 credits


(10 credits/class)

01 € 60,00 € 240,00 € 550,00
02 € 70,00/€ 35,00 € 280,00 € 650,00
03 € 82,50/€ 27,50 € 330,00 On request
04 € 90,00/€ 22,50 On request On request
05 € 100,00/€ 20,00 On request On request
06 tot 10 € 105,00/€ 17,50 On request On request

Duo / Small Group Training

  • A group consisting of a maximum of 4 to 6 people.
  • Costs divided by the number of attending people.
  • Group motivation guided by a certified trainer.
  • Access to the Lureon Personal Training community in which individual workouts or workouts together with others are posted. You can follow and motivate each other.
  • 24 hours WhatsApp contact for all questions about training, rest, and balance in life.


Lifestyle change is all about consistency. If you choose the package that consists of 10 workouts, we go for the gold. The classes take place at BallinFit’s private gym, which is in Amsterdam and/or in your neighborhood.

10 workouts

Nutritional Advice

Nutritional advice
€25,- per consult.
per consult
  • Diet plan based on calorie calculation.
  • Weight 4 points muscle and fat mass percentage.
  • Measurement of arms, trunk, and legs.
  • 24 hours WhatsApp availability on food advice.

There are more ways to get results, including nutritional advice.

The aim of Practical Nutrition is to change/improve the lifestyle of every individual in the field of nutrition. However, it is not a new diet. By using different coaching methods, I can customize to your needs to support you in achieving your goals.

What we do ask you to be open-minded in trying out new things and then draw your conclusions. There is no right or wrong way, as long as there is a solid line of thought behind it.

With the nutritional advice nowadays, in combination with a great passion for the profession, others before you have achieved faster and better results.

Lureon Personal Training portal Virtuagym app

We use the Lureon Personal Training app VirtuaGym: our online sports platform with a mobile and web app. With this app you can, for example, easily and quickly buy a package, view our schedule, sign up for a class or motivate each other in the Lureon Personal Training community. Download this app on your smartphone.

Important: Buy/Reserve a lesson or package, before downloading the app: You need to create a BallinFit/VirtuaGym account, to be able to log in for free.

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