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Thé best training program during and after pregnancy.

Being pregnant and giving birth are very demanding on your body. It is therefore wise to do a responsibly workout routine during and after your pregnancy.

Do you want to continue exercising during your pregnancy and get your pre-baby body back as soon as possible after giving birth?

Being pregnant and giving birth are very demanding on your body. It is therefore wise to do sports responsibly during and after your pregnancy.

BallinFit and Lureon Personal Training, in collaboration with the Core Academy, offer the PowerMama® training program especially for women who want to exercise during pregnancy and/or after childbirth. The PowerMama® training program focuses on building strength and endurance. You also learn to move responsibly in daily life as a mother, for example, the best way to lift and carry your baby and how to prevent body aches.

We’ll start by giving you an understanding of body posture, breathing and body movement basics. Pregnancy, childbirth, and other body changes you may experience will also be discussed. We assess your body’s strengths and weaknesses and discuss which parts need strengthening.

During the training the emphasis is on achieving a strong “core”, strengthening the large muscle groups and the pelvic floor muscles. All this by means of functional movements. In addition, you will be introduced to a new “fundamental movement” (basic movement) every week that regularly returns during the reoccurring training sessions of BallinFit, to be able to move on smoothly to the regular training sessions after the PowerMama® training program.

The PowerMama® program is for women who are pregnant or have recently given birth and for women who want to start exercising (again) after delivery. You can start exercising as soon as 6 weeks after a normal delivery and 8 to 10 weeks after a Caesarean section. The PowerMama® program is also beneficial for women who gave birth some time ago and who have not yet started exercising or who still have complaints or pains of their abdomen, stomach, back, pelvic, or pelvic floor.

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