Zwayder Bachielis

In 2015, I discovered my passion; to support and train others to achieve their goals.

I have always been into sports. From 8 years old I started (like most others) playing soccer at amateur level. At about 20, I discovered fitness and 5 years later kickboxing (recreational athlete). I have always enjoyed sports and still do. It even feels crazy when I’m not busy with sports! In the meantime, I have developed my own way of training – partly thanks to various trainers who have taught me something.

Thanks to a good friend I discovered my passion in 2015 – to train others and support them to achieve their goals.

I am not the yelling type of trainer, but I do aspect you to give your max as a participant – even in times of hardship you must be able to pick up yourself. Take yourself as serious as I do. Together we are committed to choose a path to achieve your goal(s). Even in the toughest moment, you are never on your own.

I will study all that is necessary to support you to achieve the goal you have in mind and you are committed for the full 100%. Do not get distracted and focus on your predefined plan. Your commitment determines the result. In addition to exercise, nutrition is very important. From previously achieved results in combination with my own ideas, I have gained much knowledge and experience, to be able to provide you with maximum support to find your way to a new you.

Oh, and finally:

Give yourself the time and a stress-free mindset when things don’t go quite go the way you want them to go. If you are dedicated for the full 100%, I can guarantee you that the results will come naturally. All will be fine. I would like to say here: #excuseme #gatheryourself #youwillmakeit


100% Results guaranteed

If you give the full 100%,
I can guarantee you that the results will come naturally.

Why choose Lureon Personal Training?


On October 10, 1983, my twin brother Lureon and I were born. Unfortunately, he passed away after three months for medical reasons. The first thought that came to my mind when I started my own business was to choose the brand name Lureon as a tribute to my deceased brother.

I often use the slogan #excusemebehaveworkout, because I believe that people can achieve their goals in a responsible and solid way. In the world in which we live with major technological developments, you are faced with a lot of information. It can work in your favor, but sometimes you can also cramp and you don’t know where to start. I will start with you at your own level and we will work together towards a better you, to get the best out of you. The only thing I ask of you is to show up and to make that effort every training to get the most out of yourself.

Ready to get the best out of yourself?

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